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I'm here to help higher/executive education and professional service organisations with marketing projects that generate leads through high quality content. 

How can I help you

The main projects I can help with are the following:

- Persona and proposition development

- LinkedIn lead generation and conversion campaigns

- Content strategy and analysis

- Webinars, interviews and video hosting/creation

- Nurture and conversion funnel creation and analysis

What next?

Review some of my work and see if it's relevant to you


Contact me for an initial discussion and appraisal of your needs


Book a workshop to give you value, even if you decide not to progress a project 

Why use an education marketing specialist?

My clients all have great marketing teams, what I add is the independent, sector specific experience that can help 'fill the gaps', and provide marketing enhancements 
 quickly and cost effectively.  


Teams have a wide range of activities, with both time and focus stretched. I can provide a concentrated project to analyse, recalibrate and launch new campaigns and processes.

I'm also fortunate to have a collection of education sector collaborators in design, video, copywriting, market research, analytics and social media who can complement your projects.

Clients include

Amiable Marketing clients_ London School

Project: International undergraduate programmes portfolio marketing strategy

Focus: Creating consistent marketing propositions, content strategy and marketing toolkit for use globally across international programmes portfolio 

—  Name, Title

Recent clients
Marketing Meanders Podcast

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About me
Sam Birkett, Marketing Strategy Consulant Witney Oxfordshire

A little about me, Sam Birkett

I've worked and led teams in marketing and business development roles for the last 16 years at some internationally prestigious organisations, mainly in the education and professional service sectors. In 2018 I decided to set up on my own and founded Amiable Marketing, based just outside Witney, Oxfordshire, but providing services across the UK and internationally.

My experience has taught me some fundamental lessons on how to implement effective marketing strategies. Most importantly, that marketing only works when you balance your people, the organisation's objectives and the systems you employ - the strategic, operational and tactical.

Having been in the same situation myself, I know that it often takes an independent experienced eye to assess your strategy and to focus on a particular project to help you keep the everyday operations going.  So if you think I might be able to help you I'd love to have a chat.

P.S. I also run a team building company Murder Most Corporate, which runs team murder mystery sessions for education teams and businesses. My team building sessions complement my marketing projects neatly, so please feel free to explore and see if this might be of interest as well.

Get in touch

I'd love to discuss your needs and how I might help, so please get in touch

Contact Amiable Marketing Strategy- Oxfordshire

Thank you for your message, I will reply as soon as possible.

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