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Here are some of the popular questions my clients have...

Why aren't we converting more leads?

How do we bring this new educational
product to market?

Do my online courses have a tested single minded proposition?

What sort of content strategy do we need?

How do we bring out the voice of our academics in our marketing?

What other marketing challenges can I help you with? For a no obligation review of your situation please get in touch

Why use an education marketing specialist?

I work with both small and large organisations, specialising in higher education and executive education sectors on multiple aspects of their marketing strategy. Whether you need an entire strategic plan, analysis, or a specific campaign running, I provide both the critical assessment of what's working and what needs improving, providing workable solutions.

It's crucial for any consultant to understand their client's organisation's objectives and culture, they also need to work seamlessly with the existing teams and academics; I like to think I'm able to do this.

I also work with a talented group of associates with education sector backgrounds who specialise in design, film, photography, external relations and copy writing. Between us we can handle almost any project you care to send our way...

Recent clients include

Project: Leading a series of workshops and creation of personas and single minded propositions

Focus: Creating new marketing personas and propositions for all executive education programmes


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Sam Birkett, Marketing Strategy Consulant Witney Oxfordshire

A little about me, Sam Birkett

I've worked and led teams in marketing and business development roles for the last 16 years at some internationally prestigious organisations, mainly in the education and professional service sectors. In 2018 I decided to set up on my own and founded Amiable Marketing, based just outside Witney, Oxfordshire, but providing services across the UK and internationally.

My experience has taught me some fundamental lessons on how to implement effective marketing strategies. Most importantly, that marketing only works when you balance your people, the organisation's objectives and the systems you employ - the strategic, operational and tactical.

Having been in the same situation myself, I know that it often takes an independent experienced eye to assess your strategy and to focus on a particular project to help you keep the everyday operations going.  So if you think I might be able to help you I'd love to have a chat.

P.S. I also run a team building company Murder Most Corporate, which runs team murder mystery sessions for education teams and businesses. My team building sessions complement my marketing projects neatly, so please feel free to explore and see if this might be of interest as well.


I'd love to discuss your needs and how I might help, so please get in touch

Witney, Oxfordshire
T: 07917 697833

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