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Why the amiable?

Firstly, the word was in my email address. Secondly it stands out from the crowd a bit, a cunning marketing technique. Thirdly, it's my personal ethos.

It's quite a claim but I am usually regarded by pretty much all who work with me as an amiable person. I encompass this as part of my offering just as much as a critical eye on your persona development, or testing of email campaigns.

I think in this fast paced world we often lose sight of the most important ingredient, the people. This is both in terms of respecting other people, taking the time and effort to understand them, and ultimately putting them at the centre of our marketing strategy.


Technology and products change, but people largely stay fundamentally the same.

I believe that through being amiable it helps to fully take in others motivations and interests, whether a customer or a colleague. People make the difference.

Please note: No cheesy image of people smiling in front of a computer placed here.

If you'd like to discuss how I can apply this approach to your marketing please do get in touch...

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