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Book a workshop

Quite often I find it is best to run a simple workshop with clients either at the start or during working with them. A workshop might be all you need to analyse your existing Personas and Propositions, start a content strategy or develop plans for LinkedIn campaigns.

The workshops are structured around your needs and objectives, not a set of meaningless jargon. That's why it's so useful to provide a workshop at the start of a potential project as it will give you some value, even if you decide to not to proceed with me.

Let me know which specific area you'd like to focus on and I'll do some background research, and ask you a set of questions. I will then look to discover all I can from your team, and provide workable templates for them to start using, or for me to structure a project to support you. After the workshop  you'll get a report and the tailored templates to start using. 

Ideally these are best delivered in-person, and hopefully we'll be able to all do this sooner rather than later, but we can also meet on Zoom.

I always charge for my workshops as I can promise that they will provide value to you.


What next?

Contact me with the specific needs you'd like to discuss

Let me know if you'd like more detail and a set of questions to prepare for a workshop.

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