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Marketing Strategy, Content Planning and Campaign Optimisation

My bread and butter has been lead generation for world-leading professional service firms and educational providers. In an increasingly competitive world having a solid and engaging strategy is vital.  Devising a content strategy and marketing plan with creative ideas on utilising the assets you already possess is key.



Webinar and film planning, implementation and promotion


Webinars and film help to bring out the best ideas from your organisation to engage and nurture your audiences. However, devising a strategy that will deliver high quality content aligned to meaningful campaigns is a true challenge. My extensive experience in  producing such materials can help you.



Implementation of systems aligning technology with people


My real interest lies in aligning and balancing people, systems and objectives. It's great having a sophisticated automation system and CRM, with a talented team of marketers, and a clear set of business goals, but unless you ensure every element is aligned it's very difficult to optimise performance.

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